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Protection Screen Window
up and down three sliding screen window
Product series:
Profile wall thickness:----
colour:stainless steel color, gray, black and veneer grain.
The gauze:0.6 wire diameter for 304 stainless steel
Scope of application:外平开窗、推拉窗 living room/gardon/kitchen


1.Special pulley design from Juyuan,stable fuction and random fixed the actived door.

2.Special lock design from Juyuan,solve the problem about diffcult to install and pull down.

3.Custom-made zinc alloy handle by Juyuan,more safety and more beautiful.


4.Humanization design which can install inside and outside you like.




Advantages: anti-shear, impact, security, pest control, mosquito control, high-end doors and windows.

 This product is made of high strength stainless steel 304 wire loom manufactured by heavy

 precision, with pest control, bullet-proof, ventilation, beautiful, safe, explosion-proof, anti-aging and so on. Bring you super clear visual enjoyment and safest protection.

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