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Anti-Mosquito Screen Window
Fashion single rail single door sliding screen window
Product series:
Profile wall thickness:
colour:stainless steel color, gray, black and veneer grain.
The gauze:
Scope of application:living room/garden/kitchen for sliding window


1.Special fabrication processing painting with mesh that can double anti-rust,suitable use in the city near sea.


2.V shape pulley install in the bottom rail,which can sliding swimmingly.


3.There are double wear strip on the top and bottom rail,sliding quietly.


4.Custom-made zinc alloy handle by Juyuan,more safety and more beautiful.


5.Humanization design which can install inside and outside you like.



Advantages: anti-shear, impact, security, pest control, mosquito control, high-end doors and windows.


 This product is made of high strength stainless steel 304 wire loom manufactured by heavy

 precision, with pest control, bullet-proof, ventilation, beautiful, safe, explosion-proof, anti-aging and so on. Bring you super clear visual enjoyment and safest protection.

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