The market brand screens a multitude of names, dragons and fishes jumbled together, it is difficult to distinguish between what is the brand? Want to buy a house decoration, Juyuan, Sen, spectrum screens, but afraid to buy fake products, worried about the quality of customer service can not be guaranteed? Don't be afraid, below giant who taught you several ways, through the inspection, the correct identification of a giant source, Sen spectrum products, screen, allowing you to fully enjoy the service brand, quality screen products!

1, the upper right corner of the brand logo, to identify the authenticity

April 2015, Juyuan screens at high prices to introduce advanced laser marking machine, enhance the degree of product anti-counterfeiting marks recognition and for end consumers more easily through a unified brand logo to identify the authenticity of giant source, Sen spectrum, screen window.

Dohara Sa resolutely fake security, as employees are marking for laser products

At present, Juyuan screens to the introduction of new laser marking machine has completed the installation and debugging and formally put into use, since the beginning of May, giant of the original production of each section of the door window will for laser marking, product right corner has the "giant source - sen spectrum, screen window 400-156-8899" logo. The vast number of consumers in the terminal giant source, Sen spectrum, store buy screen, through the inspection of the products in the upper right corner of the logo, buy the correct Juyuan screens genuine Oh ~ ~

Each section of the original production of the giant door window on the upper right corner of the pictures shown in logo with the hotline

2, according to the store before buying must "plaque process, examine the authenticity

Since July 2014 beginning, signed with the Dohara Sa every old and new agents, the company free distribution have "before buying must see" plaque, hanging in the store instructions consumers. Where the presence of the giant source, Sen spectrum stores please pay attention to this card, and according to the identification of genuine, to prevent counterfeiting!

"Before buying must see" plaque hanging all terminal Juyuan screens store

The vast number of consumers into the store to buy giant source, forest spectra, screen window products, according to "before buying must see" plaque on the tip, view product right corner of the logo or call the giant original unified national service hotline 400-156-8899 of product authenticity query authentication.

Above, is the giant originally we summarize buy giant source, forest spectra, screen window correctly distinguish between genuine and fake, I hope you remember! At the same time, I hope you remember the most important point: in order to safeguard the rights and interests of every consumer, our agents will be under your order to the giant company production will indicate your information, contact telephone number and address. We will according to the information from corporate headquarters will be product warranty manual mailed directly to you! This is the purchase of genuine goods to enjoy the service, oh ~ ~ ~