Dohara Sa has been working on for the majority of users to provide mosquito control, protection and anti-theft home whole screen solutions, attention good screens for 16 years, our brand, quality and service to win the recognition and affirmation of more users, this certainly gradually accumulated into the vast number of consumers of giant source, Sen spectrum, brand allegiance to the, let us go farther and farther. In order to return the consumer on the Dohara Sa in support of and trust. We are determined to uphold every consumers enjoy brand service, the rights and interests of the product quality, blistered terminal of fake and shoddy, "hang sheep head sell dog meat, over commitment and damage the credibility of the brand, for such agents and dealers, Juyuan screens" warrior arm, "the determination, and resolutely eliminate.

Juyuan screens stores are hung with "before buying must" plaque, the parents to buy before the consultation confirmation is authentic Oh ~ ~

Dohara Sa in improving consumer brand loyalty has been unremitting efforts, to ensure product quality at the same time, spend huge sums of money and hired a famous movie star Huang as a brand spokesperson, in the comprehensive promotion of terminal services in good faith, adding 400-156-8899 unified national customer service hotline to supervise the admissibility of complaints, introduction of advanced laser marking machine security crackdown and other aspects to enhance the brand awareness and brand value; and the vast number of agents, distributors also in the spare no effort to maintain a huge source of, forest spectra, in the terminal brand image, to do a good job in the service terminal silently efforts to pay. Is manufacturers surmount forge giant source, forest spectra, today's brand value, so we will never allow others to freely smear, smear it!

The giant screen high into the original laser marking machine, resolutely fake security map for employees is, marking for laser products.

May play each section by the giant company production of door window in the upper right corner of the pictures shown logo with the hotline telephone, parents who buy to recognize Oh!

In mid March 2015, Juyuan screens customer service center received consumer complaints in Maoming area, doubt purchased the screen is not huge source, forest spectra, genuine products, find local giant primary dealers to solve the problem but it has been slow to a satisfactory answer. Giant original customer service representative of the actual situation of a detailed understanding, Maoming dealers actively deal with and resolve the problem of the consumer complaints; however a few days later return telephone follow up, consumers in the process, results are still not satisfied, more question Juyuan screens of quality and service.

In order to solve the problems of consumers, Juyuan screens special regional manager to the local verification, found the following fact: 1, the dealer hung a huge source of brand in the local brand-name products selling cheap counterfeit Juyuan screens, store display most of the samples does not belong to Guangdong Juyuan screens production; 2, customers home products complaint, the giant regional manager confirmed, are not the original giant company product, the dealer has to deceive consumers behavior; 3, the dealer pre-sales brand promotion and services were to be a huge source of brand promotion and guarantee the customers home quality products or service, but not to the Juyuan required by the company to maintain the service standard of customer service, which greatly undermined the original giant brand image of the company.

In view of the above "hanging giant source brand selling brand-name screens" damage the brand value, business selling fake and shoddy giant original product, no brand awareness of service behavior fact, Maoming dealers in violation of the manufacturers on both sides of the cooperation agreement with the agents together with "clause, Guangdong Juyuan screens decided to cancel the dealer in Maoming area, a huge source of brand management agency, and to form the legal letter informed marking must be in a certain period of time removed huge source of door, advertising pictures and other giant original company exclusive license of brand image, and reserve the right to pursue further the related legal liability. In order to fully guarantee the Maoming area the majority have been installed Juyuan screens users and ready to install Juyuan screens of consumers in time to enjoy the brand service is provided, the rights and interests of the product quality, we have increased the Maoming area re investment efforts, at present, to replace old agents of the new agents have been sure cooperation intention, signing imminent, is expected in the short term by new signing agents operating Juyuan screens stores can be opened sales.

Appear unexpectedly and spectrum region, in addition to 2015 in early April, giant original marketing center manager and technical personnel to Guangdong Taishan county agents visits to research, and in dealing with the agent of after-sales problem. It is found that the service of a villa owners only a layer of the installation Sen, screens, the second and the third layers are other brands a window screen, and the owners to us complaints reflect is the second layer of the installation of a screen door closed appear problem, three layer installed window handle has a problem, also complained because the friend introduces selection in Juyuan screens store to buy the whole house window screen, products such as the quality of our brand feel very disappointed. In fact, the owners do not know oneself installation screen not all giant original company production of products, a layer of installation of Sen spectrum, screen problem does not occur, but he 23 layer installation of brand-name screen problems attributed to the giant company, simply because it is in the Juyuan screens Taishan stores to buy products.

The behavior of these agents belonging to the same "hanging giant original brand to sell brand-name products, business selling fake and shoddy giant original products; in addition, there are some agents go single, will be difficult to set the color cast to the giant company production, but will often orders orders to other brand manufacturers making, this hybrid agent behavior, contrary to the original intention of manufacturers cooperation between the two sides. In the case of such a breach of agency dealers, giant companies will be dealt with severely, and according to the actual situation, the right to consider banning its local brand management agency.

Guangdong Juyuan screens Co. Ltd. to solemnly declare:

We firmly attack of fake and shoddy, hanging a giant original brand to sell brand-name screens, over commitment not services damage giant source, forest spectra, the credibility of the brand behavior; we will never tolerate no integrity, inadvertent operation, bad behavior, incorrigible agents, dealers; for those due to personal reasons agents caused the banned the gaps in the market, giant will as soon as possible support new agents for bigger and stronger, let the good screens into more home users, for more users to provide anti mosquito, protection, home security overall screen system solutions. At the same time, we also will be severe sanctions, eliminated indifferent, as sales of cadres, in order to better for agents, distributors, the majority of users to provide professional services.

On the road of entrepreneurship, the choice is more important than the effort, the right choice to determine the height of your success, to join the great original is like this. Attention good screens for 16 years, Juyuan screens called industry leader, leading enterprises, the flag has two flagship brand giant source and Sen spectrum,, perfect product line covers in the high-end consumer groups, to meet the majority of users of mosquito, door, burglarproof demand for home decoration, 30000 square meters designed industry production base, 103 independent patent technology and abundant enterprise strength beyond doubt. And the development of Juyuan screens growth is inseparable from the support and efforts of the vast number of agents, distributors, deepen the end consumer of giant source, Sen spectrum, brand loyalty need by companies and agents, dealers for the efforts and strive for, so the agents, distributors only follow the business of pace, index, policy, both sides win-win cooperation to go further.

Dohara Sa also will continue to learn and to enhance the management level of enterprises and brand building capabilities, further development and more applicable to market new products, integrate the overall competitive advantage, strengthen the terminal agent, dealer store management training, strict rectifying and standardizing the terminal sales channels, and helping and promoting the development of outstanding agents, dealers, actively promote our common "screens" business continued to develop and grow.