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Customized screens need to pay attention before four o'clock

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Hazelnut Published on2016-01-12 19:01:28 read
1. In the choice of the production shop, pay attention to the quality of the selected product. Some businesses reported price is very low, but when you ask to see a sample, they will say that the price is the price of thin material. So it is best to set a relatively satisfied with their own requirements, and then talk about the price in accordance with this requirement, and to write on the receipt. A product can do at any price, but after the fixed specifications and requirements, the price is basically in a range of.
2. Select a good business, it has to come to measure the amount complex. Do enclosed balcony, screens, screen doors, etc., preferably themselves in advance the amount again, when the amount reported after business data with their own data discrepancies and asked them to re-quantity again, it is best to ensure data consistency, if the measured data have issue, behind the work will be a lot of trouble a lot. Some people because of cheap store prices reported may in this respect negligence. If you do not measure in advance, not afterwards complex quantity, it may slaughtered.
3. screens installed, do not be afraid of trouble, staring. Because most of the shops are small workshops, craft and material mixed. Made out of screens, including windows, will have a case size does not match. At this time, if you are not careful, he will live a hard pull dead lift, although the final accord reluctantly, but matching and aesthetic effects are poor. Be sure to try, if that can not yield, we must ask him to get back to redo or rework, do not hesitate. But these things you should always use, with the bad definitely affect mood.
4. Payment must be cautious. Now involved in anything renovated to be careful when you pay, the problem is not stingy, is the principle. Make different products, be sure to remember to pay the money separate, one is a, a return models renovated one, do not listen to the workers under the project has not yet begun, put the following part of the money paid. Do not expect so they will give you the hard work, only money in their own hands, your word is workable. If there is a single run, greater loss!
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