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Screens Frequently Asked Questions

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Hazelnut Published on2016-01-12 19:01:27 read
Q: What is the screens?
A: The site is Available screens commonly known as "invisible screens" or "automatic screens," it is through the spring pre-energizer means yarn screens housed in the box, with the release of the spring torque, you can manipulate arbitrary screens out yarn box.
Q: Can screens as "I" do?
A: If you are a user screens, it will not affect the function without your doors for you to fully prevent mosquito infestation, to ensure the smooth flow of natural wind; to provide you with a fresh perspective, to reduce the sun's ultraviolet radiation ; In addition, it is self-possession system, relieves you of routine maintenance, so you can easily enjoy a healthy life every day! If you will be on your screens as an investment project, it will give you a reasonable return on investment!
Q: How screens of life?
A: The regular factory products through rigorous testing screens Bureau of Technical Supervision, the conservative frequency of use of 10,000 times; with your good use reasonable estimate of the age of 3--5 years.
Q: This screens in the fall if removal is necessary, in the spring and summer and then re-install it?
A: Of course not, the biggest advantage is invisible screens because of the changing seasons and without disassembly, storage. All the chores are handed over to its unique "mini" storage box deal with it! It will await any time of your schedule!
Q: screens installed in what position?
A: The screens mounted on the frame of your existing doors and windows can be, do not make any changes to it; you only need to doors, windows open to the different ways to select a vertical position up and down or left and right lateral position to pull .
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