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Let's open the windows were closed with haze screens

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Hazelnut Published on2016-01-12 19:01:37 read
Haze is that people today live in the city of a lingering shadow. Each of us lives most of the time spent in an enclosed space, therefore, whether at home or in the workplace, adequate ventilation is very important. However, the haze has forced us to close the window.
Haze windows are closed
According to experts, the haze of the composition is very complex, containing dozens of harmful toxic substances, thereby causing fatal disease after another. Which have a diameter of less than 10 micron aerosol particles, can directly enter and adhesion in the human respiratory tract and alveoli, causing acute rhinitis and acute bronchitis and other diseases. If the long-term suffering such particles can impede normal blood circulation invasion, but also induce cancer and various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Fog, low pressure will bring people to produce a sense of restlessness, increased blood pressure, for people to learn, work will bring invisible pressure and anxiety. Also lead to the formation of haze near ultraviolet weakened, leading to insufficient ultraviolet irradiation children, vitamin D deficiency is generated, greatly reducing the absorption of calcium, it can cause severe infant rickets, slow growth.
 Faced with the threat of haze brought in a number of heavily polluted metropolitan areas, people had to close the windows, shut ourselves up over many years. We are deprived of freedom, fun to breathe fresh air rights. How to help people forced to close the windows open?
If the home screens installed
If the screens are installed at the same time at home, and effective anti-mosquito, anti-pet, anti-falling down, anti-theft, it can also effectively blocking particles in the air, sand and dust, Fei Xu. When people experience a certain degree of bad weather, was a warning, "Try not to stay at home", you can open the windows for screens, make indoor air quality improvement, people can freely move and breathe, enjoy the sun and air, enjoying the breeze blowing. Also, clean the screens very easy, just wipe with a clean damp towel. And then not be able to clean the following small coup, easy care screens.
Cleaning screens coup: the screens removed, with detergent, milk, water in a 1: 1: 3 ratio homemade cleaners reconcile mix; then, in the yarn waste newspapers online tiled floor, use a soft brush to homemade cleaners brush back and forth several times in the newspapers; newspapers to be air-dried, take the newspaper to complete the clean gauze.
With the improvement of living standards, urban people is changing the concept of home, home improvement products from the past emphasis on consumption is frugal, affordable to the pursuit of fashion, health, a new realm forward, therefore, screens will gradually become home decoration just need products, more to more people of all ages and gradually spread. Environmental pollution is still serious today, screens can fight the haze as a hazard to some extent on the product, loving home for every additional protection of a safety barrier for people to pursue a healthy lifestyle, it has brought new hope.
Guangdong original giant screens, is currently rarely registered capital of 10 million, larger than 30,000 square meters of professional screens manufacturer, focusing on good screens for 16 years, creating more than 100 self-patented technology, it has been successful for thousands of users to provide anti-family mosquito, protection, security screens at home overall system solution, is a famous Chinese film star Huang screens endorsements industry leader brand.
House decoration, buy screens, I chose the giant source spectrum Andean forest.
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