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Juyuan screens former Nantong Union signing activity over a hundred, Yan pressure counterparts!

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-18 15:05:12 read

Screens fitting season coming around to buy building materials, brand alliances, businesses flocked to none. April 9, Nantong Adventure Kingdom, building a massive coalition activity in this prelude. Chinese leader in security screens, giant screens to join the original local home building materials brands jointly offer business benefits, creating warm spring carnival, good screens ultimate benefit can win public favor, 108 single encouraging results disdain for the audience, brilliant peer pressure!





The original field of activity giant screens can achieve excellent signing performance, thanks to the results of Nantong marketing team and marketing team pre-mission company spared no effort to advertise. Giant screens former Nantong agents Before joining Lee is a very experienced event planner, event planning has many years of practical experience, he is a deep understanding of what activities, how to run the operation to attract the attention of consumers, prompting the intention of customers quickly and successfully signing. Activities take the opportunity to lead the company's marketing director, regional manager Zhang Jin and his party more than 10 people, with the attitude of learning and a half months in advance to help reach the floor Nantong execution activities, he asked each Regional Manager to full participation in the planning activities, preparation, mall intercept, phone all aspects of the offer, Vending, booth layout, on-site shopping guide signing, etc., to help Lee to do the field Union activities, and from experience, learning experiences, in order to replicate efficiently applied to all customers in the region storefront.



The event packed


Before the opening team mobilization


Giant booth in the original intention of customers to consult and order


On the day, Sean wisdom to share ceremony, sign in ceremony, ritual order, and so draw Hao Li constantly surprises, on-site packed, packed, crowded is blocked within the original giant screens booth, caught on brand image and reputation, high-quality screens quality, value for money price, attracting a public appreciation of the intention to visit the owners, on-site shopping guide staff busy overwhelmed, however, the success of their hard busy signing is best returns.


Successful signing site, customers pay a deposit


To the end of the event, in everyone's hard work pay and lower concentric efforts, the former giant screens successfully signed 108 orders, signing gratifying achievements ahead of the league brand counterparts. Faced with this result, the original giant screens Nantong marketing team is not proud still insufficient to reflect the existence of activities, better just better, ready to go the next time, then the next, and then seek a breakthrough.





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