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Spring and autumn peak of termite damage in the home need to shut Shamenshachuang

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 15:05:22 read

Had spent thoughts decorate the house do not want hordes of termite invasion, homeowners will have to dismantle the entire interior furnishings mirex. Yesterday, Mr. Wang, who lives in Xiangcheng mountains gratifying thing about the encounter, hoping reminder to everyone.


Wang lived in Xiangcheng mountains bearing plant a cell on the ground floor, back against a hillside. Eight years ago, he spent a few million to more than 80 square meters of two-bedroom newly renovated. Six years ago, he found traces of moth-eaten furniture, at first, he thought it was caused by damp, did not mind. Unexpectedly, six years, the family wardrobe, flooring, doors and other wooden furniture are all termites gnawing.



11 afternoon, the reporter saw in the Wang family, whose interior has been gnawing away furniture can be pierced with a finger and then with tools to pry open the surface, countless white ants chaos around to escape. Under the guidance of CDC, he will dismantle all indoor wooden furniture, and with the pharmacy profession prevention of frames, cabinets, flooring and other areas sprayed.



City CDC pest control Kegu Qian reminder, spring and autumn is the peak of termite damage, people try to shut Shamenshachuang home, flew out to prevent termites. Moreover, the public usually try to keep dry and ventilated, and periodically clear the house of debris, reduce breeding of termites. Termite harm to residents mainly damage to furniture and buildings, once found should be timely prevention. (Source / Chutian Express)




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