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Juyuan screens Fangchenggang original festive store opening!

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-18 15:05:20 read

Spring April day, known as the gateway to the southwest, the Pearl of the border coastal city of Fangchenggang, April 14 the day of firecrackers resounded through the sky, bustling, Chinese security screens leader, former giant screens officially settled in Fangchenggang port area, Monopoly new store opening celebration, Sheng Hui bargain, signing the successful win opener!



Giant screens Fangchenggang original store grand opening

Marketing resident arches, baskets emissions, the deafening sound of firecrackers, festive fire


Fangchenggang giant screens another strategic stronghold original blueprint for the layout of the national market, the agents bear the total, the same as other agents, by contrast multi-screening after rigorous giant decided to join the original, this is the original giant screens all aspects of comprehensive strength fully affirmed and recognized the victory of the war is another giant screens original investment on the battlefield, while marking the original giant screens in 2016 into a comprehensive market investment channel sink stage.




Opening day, the former owners of the giant screens in the store to consult the list


Designed and renovated more than two months of preparations, the former giant screens Fangchenggang port area stores now successfully open for business to the general public a comprehensive picture of the major products have good screens, and on opening day for multiple owners provide mosquito family protection, security screens overall home security system solutions to finalize orders for more than 10 single intention owners have dozens of follow-up, the opening is booming, business is booming, making plenty of money.


New store opened at the beginning, full of good screens Order Sheng Hui, there needs to install screens quickly Fangchenggang general public to visit the giant screens of the original store (shop: Taoyuan Road Fangchenggang Port District No. 30) for inquiry patrons!





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