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The more expensive screens, the bigger the spending!

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 15:05:48 read


Buy screens, cheap is expensive!


Some people say you are selling screens too expensive!

And you almost very cheap!

Yes! Look at these two signs are also similar style!



Bentley from 3.048 million, from 41,800 odd Ruirui Lin.

Why such a big gap it? Do not say this is a penny stock,

Prices do not speak speak unto quality friends!


Value and price:


One day, Qi met on the road a hawker selling shrimp, and asked him: How much is this box of shrimp to sell?

Greengrocer replied 50.

Qi asked:I use my painting shrimp, for you a box of shrimp, do it?



Hankyu dish, and said angrily: You old man sick mind it, bring your fake shrimp for my real shrimp!


This story illustrates a truth:!! Do not understand the value of the product for a customer, any prices are high contrast, did not allow a client to understand the value of sales of products, most of the efforts were in vain to make them understand the value of not just price !


Many of my friends will ask: Why do I always offer customers too expensive because customers do not know is that you can create much value for him, which is not only worth the value of a set of furniture, further comprising providing your expertise and your offer? professional services.



This year buy screens, there are always customers ask & ldquo; your home screens Why so expensive & rdquo ;? Do you think the price is cheap only cost you? Wrong, sometimes, those cheap is expensive!


You know what you do?

What is it cheap ??


Low price no effect called expensive,

Because waste your time and money.

Let your hope becomes final disappointment, called expensive.



But high prices have the effect, called cheap.

Because you pay to get in return.

Since it bought SALE screens,

So do not care about money!

Do not underestimate screens buy it!

Buy the wrong screens,

Watching the people Zaoxin,

Enchant you have to worry about expensive!


The election of the screens! ! !

He looked comfortable with the rest assured,

Family health, safety guarantees,

Ease of mind to learn the cause of all good!




Cheap poor quality poor quality screens,

Good quality and price of your screens,

Should you bought it screens?

Or a good screens too!


I believe you have made a wise choice.






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