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Juyuan on the top right corner of the original product marking logo change announcement

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-18 15:05:26 read

Caused by the majority of dealers and consumers:


Due to business development needs, in July 2015 Division I store the image of the terminal has been upgraded to rectify, the newly opened store uniform application of the new giant screens VI image of the original, and strongly encourages the majority of dealers to replace the old rectification new door first.


Giant screens store the original image of the new VI


In the future, I will be the Secretary of the original giant screens as the main promotion image in the eyes of the public as a unified corporate image VI, comprehensive fight against counterfeiting, since April 2016, our production Shamenshachuang top right corner of the unified identity change for the giant original screens: 400-156-8899, to help end users easily identify the authenticity of the original giant screens.



How to correctly identify the original giant screens authentic:


1, by the top right brand identity and discerning


Giant screens upper right corner of the original products are original laser marking logo Giant Giant screens 400-156-8899 or 400-156-8899 Yuansen spectrum Andean screens, can identify easily identify.


2. The plaque must see the process before the store to buy, check the authenticity


Since the beginning of July 2014, with giant screens original signed every old and new dealers, distribution companies are free there & ldquo; buy before must see & rdquo; a plaque to hang in the store to indicate the consumer. Where to visit former giant screens (huge source Mori spectrum Andean) Please note that this store cards, according to identify genuine shown to prevent counterfeiting!


3, direct dial original giant hotline 400-156-8899, check order


As for brands, products, and services have questions, you can directly call the original giant unified national service hotline 400-156-8899 carried counterfeit check.


Above matters, it is hereby announced!


Guangdong original giant screens Ltd.

April 22, 2016






The free service hotline:400-156-8899
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