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May Day Surprise affordable, Xuzhou original giant screens Thanksgiving release "price"

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 15:05:43 read


Pro, Labor Day is coming……

My mood is bling & nbsp; bling excitement!


Because it can better Chihaohehao Wanla




I also heard special,

Focus screens 16 years,

Chinese security screens leader

Original giant screens,

April 30 --5 May 2,

Thanksgiving back new and old customers,

Out manners, good screens, good discount entertain it!


Where to 51?

Quickly to Xuzhou giant screens original store

Take ceremony Get!



Giant screens Xuzhou original store has a good layout,

Just waiting for you!


  5.1 into the gift shop


  Customers every day before 30 into the store, get 1 beautiful and practical gift.


  5.1 Discount ceremony


  Overall good store screens up to 40% off !


  5.1 make up ceremony


  Pay at least 1000 yuan deposit , you can get a live lottery chance!

  Purchase over 5,000 , ie send trash can mute a

  Purchase full 10,000 yuan , ie send a practical household aluminum ladder


Golden egg is ready, and quickly bash!


  5.1 Cheap ceremony


  To far up and down times (0.5 net) & nbsp; activity special price of 360 yuan / square

  Box box standard (0.5 net) & nbsp; activity special price of 380 yuan / square


Fine to far up and down times, there are special to grab it!


So huge benefit, I and small partners are shocked!

Get more specific activities to please store detailed consultation for purchasing!


  Activity time:April 30, 2016 & May 2

  Activities shopXuzhou huge source Shachuang stores (Xuzhou new Shenghui decorative City Hall fifth floor elevator negative)






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