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Another May Day Sheng Hui, Sanming giant screens occasion original opening big bargain

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 14:05:54 read


Sunny summer approaching, May also approaching, went to the fitting season, eager to pick fitting screens Sanming owners already around the corner.



Giant screens mall stores where original 5th anniversary celebration site layout


After two months of careful design and decoration, located in Sanming, Fujian Zuohai original home of the giant screens stores will be April 30 - With the mall grand opening of the 5th anniversary celebration year May 1, with the majority of huge benefit bargain people celebrate Labor Day, there is the intention of the owners to install screens will be able to move.



Original store giant screens glance


This is the original giant screens stationed in Fujian Sanming market, brand awareness, capture the hearts and minds of consumers opener, special agent Frank always come up with really none other promotions dedicated Sanming public during the opening into the store Jisong gift, under single over 1,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan Jisong not equivalent amount ranging Gifts, wherein the upper and lower flights to far more to the world's best Changjiazhigong, great intensity, which shows the sincerity!


It has not yet officially opened, the existing owners to consult and order screens


Your heart act quickly!


More Opening Offer Welcome giant screens Sanming original store (shop: Sanming Zuohai home building, the first floor hall 038) for inquiry patrons!


We will carefully provide you with mosquito protection, security screens at home overall security system solutions, allowing you to enjoy no mosquitoes, no thief, safe summer every day.






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