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Statement on giant screens stop and exit the original "China's top ten brands screens" vote

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 14:05:08 read



Giant screens have been supporting the original cause of the majority of dealers, suppliers, customers, friends and the community:


Recently, our company has been actively involved in initiating a website published & ldquo; China's top ten brands screens & rdquo; ranking online voting period, identify problems and are summarized as follows:


1, the voting membership site a Beijing technology company's network, was established less than two years, non-formal professional ranking rating agencies.


2, the entire voting no consumer associations, the business sector, trade associations and other relevant departments involved in the fair, ranking Ranking lack of authority.


3, the voting time from March 30 & mdash; May 31, a long time span and each IP can be repeated every 30 minutes to vote, mostly employees, friends and relatives, students vote favors, most non-source data from the end consumer , the overall assessment of the lack of accuracy.


4, as long as the total number of votes more than enough, even the no-name unknown start-up small workshops also named called & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the top ten brands rather be evaluated on the number of consumers based on the actual voting combined brand comprehensive strength and influence on real the strength of the brand great harm.


5, the site by collecting information on each line brands, top ten brands of all types of self-organization launched voting, in fact, increase site traffic, or profit from the benefits.


In summary,Our problem with the actual situation, after careful consideration, decided to stop and exit the top ten brand network screens meaningless poll China.


Many small workshops, small manufacturers of brand-name, brand image is pulled up in front of consumers hesitate to spend money to buy fake certificates of publicity, which took a fancy to the interests of individual crooks frequently launch on XX industry's top ten brands ranked the voting, to increase website traffic to earn advertising fees, and other fees to enroll in business to achieve the purpose of profit. Here, the original giant screens companies want to do practical things do not be deceived, at the same time, warm and remind consumers should keep their eyes open, pay more attention to the history of the development of enterprises, comprehensive strength, the industry's reputation, because they do not nothingness, non professional ranking ignore the real internal business, brand and fooled into buying fake and shoddy products.


Giant screens new plant to be built in the original renderings


Honor countless pieces of giant screens obtained original


Famous film star Huang portrait endorsement


Giant screens former monopoly distribution of nearly 600 stores, wonderful unlimited terminal market


Giant screens former successful completion of Projects (part list)


Famous brand refracted out is the strength, size, product quality, brand service, value, consumer trust in the brand; the formation of a brand's growth, reputation, it takes time and cumulative precipitation, Guangdong giant screens since the original inception in 2000, has developed nearly 17 years, was the first to focus on the development of enterprise screens, ad spending during the super 20 million, plant size of 30,000 square meters, utility patents 13, the appearance of 147 patents at home and abroad engaged giant screens original production, sales and service staff over 1500 people, 591 specialty stores sell products exported 7 countries, countless successful engineering case, honors countless pieces, their overall strength, brand integrated charm is evident, industry status beyond doubt.


We recognize that we have been relatively low-key business, do not know how grandstanding, trapped inside the mass, only know quietly practice; professional focus & nbsp; innovation and development; corporate philosophy, uphold; customer first; the principle of a real effort to make products , we are committed to improving the quality and intentions to provide services.


Finally, thanks to all the friends has been support for the original giant screens, we insist on doing only the future of the screens, and resolutely resist the participation of non-governmental organizations, national, no consumer participation in any competitions contest.


Hereby declare!


Giant screens Ltd. Guangdong original

April 29, 2016







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