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Juyuan screens fifty-one former flourishing around the store have put "price" holidays

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-18 15:05:59 read


Fifty-one countdown, small holiday coming soon, look forward to full! Giant screens around the store fifty-one primary activity has been kicked off, you are still wandering?


Ganzhou original giant screens screens fifty-one free delivery



51 period, as long as you are a new house decoration prospective owners to Ganzhou giant screens stores Jisong original gift, but also receive free value of 398 yuan a giant original brand screens! Seats are limited, first-served basis, while supplies last!



Time: May 1st & May 7

Activities Shop: Ganzhou City building materials market across giant screens original flagship store


Giant screens are in the original fifty-one audience 6.8 fold


51 period, are welcome to the former giant screens store for purchasing.



Giant screens are in the original store site


Sign and polite, a day before the 10 customers into the store, get beautiful and practical gift.


Overall good screens 6.8 fold

Purchase of 8,000 yuan, Jisong a rice cooker brand,

Purchase of 10,000 yuan Ji a giant aluminum ladder.


To far up and down times (0.5 net), special price 360 yuan / square;

Box box standard (0.5 net), special price 380 yuan / square;

Protection of 45 times up and down (0.8 net), special price 658 yuan / square.


Time: May 1 & mdash; 7 Ri

Activities Shop: Silver Avenue in Yudu County Xinhua Building No. 10 shop


Yuexi original giant screens 1 yuan spike in advance through fifty-one




4.29 Yuexi giant screens 1 yuan spike original site


April 29, Yuexi County, Anhui Province Swan Street Plaza 18:30 Banquet, the original giant screens work together side by side all the brands offered benefits, only one yuan one roof home building materials! 1 yuan to buy screens, almost free delivery, unprecedented!


More Pro Shop May 1st Golden Week, please contact us.

Activities Shop: Yuexi County Court scholarly Onsen 300 meters (Jin Cuilan diagonally opposite the hotel)


Ningbo Giant screens fifty-one original release price, 40% off screens




Ningbo Giant screens stores the original site


Ningbo Giant screens original store opened fifty-one, agents tread out huge benefits bargain during the event screens up to 40% off the audience, more Hao Li, special Sheng Hui. Ningbo people are welcome to visit the Pro Shop.


Store red wall


Time: May 1st & May 7th

Activity shop: Ningbo Modern Building 2, 1st Floor, Shop No. B57 / decoration market of Ningbo City Hall 22 F, No. B-024


Discount on fold Zhuhai Xiangzhou giant screens fifty-one original



Zhuhai Xiangzhou giant screens original store


Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai Giant screens occasion original holiday grand opening, screens the audience a good discount on fold into the store gift, why would they make up less ceremony, as well as special products Changjiazhigong, profit sharing rate is impressive.


Events Gifts site is ready


Time: May 1st & May 7th

Activities Shop: Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City home actually four layers 2-4-26




More fifty-one Offers, go to your local giant screens original store detailed consultation!







The free service hotline:400-156-8899
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