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Screens into the world and get rid of mosquitoes so easy!

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Hazelnut Published on2016-05-17 14:05:11 read


May is the hot weather and stable season. Temperature increase, not only sweaty test of our capacity, breeding mosquitoes are everywhere annoying enough.



Want to open the window ventilation, but do not worry, because naughty children may at any time near a window, an inattentive child at any time the risk of accidents; more detestable is serious summer mosquito breeding, killing one again a , fights people could not sleep! These issues should be how to break it?










Use mosquito coils, mosquito coils, insecticides course approach, but a palliative. Now mosquito coils, mosquito control agents on the market, although clearly marked safe non-toxic, but who can guarantee that it really non-toxic? And mosquito repellents and mosquito coils smell is very strong (for fragrance allergies even worse), heavy mosquito odor sometimes makes it difficult to sleep!


OF remind the public: the best weapon mosquito war years, it is the home of anti-mosquito screens.


Mosquito screens


In fact, Mosquito nets have been in the upgrading. For example, in recent years the rise of King network, not only mosquito pest control effect, also possesses anti-theft, block ultraviolet radiation and other effects.



According to the doors and windows industry production standards, diamond gauze generally used 0.5mm-0.8mm diameter stainless steel yarn, knitting yarn aspect, also woven between 0.5mm-0.8mm hole. Perhaps some people will think 0.8mm pore size is a bit large, can prevent mosquito maintained it? In fact, the aperture is designed as a mosquito stature. Although the mosquito body is small, but it still has a pair of wings; mosquitoes are generally not into the 0.8mm drill holes. Thus, even a crude hole diamond network, but also can prevent mosquitoes maintained, let alone termites, small insects like & ldquo; large & rdquo; animal? Further strength diamond network is large, even the cats and dogs is not easy to destroy long-term scratching their overall appearance.



Secondly, the network edge diamond double shut off, take the side of each other. This design makes its tightness, firmness superior, and a solid edge, thicker mesh also allows mosquito screens with anti-theft hinges, anti-collision effect. For example, the original giant screens in a diamond gauze products, network folder which can withstand the impact force of hundreds of kilograms, a common thief collision is not open. Due to the small pore size, mesh and so strong, diamond mesh can hardly be hinged scissors open; additional quality door locks and anti-theft performance screens let icing on the cake.



Once again, the online diamond woven stainless steel wire usually paint on high-quality paint to reduce the black Richland presence of screens: screens too long separated from the indoor outdoor look as if separated by a layer of colored glass, visual barrier is not high ; and because outdoor bright in a dark room, from the outside during the day to see the interior, see will be blurred visual scene. Thus, mounted on diamond gauze home life no longer have to worry about the privacy of the ......


May time when the birds are flying long grass, it is a good time to install screens; your love for the family to add a security barrier, mosquito line, anti-theft can! Giant screens willing original & ldquo; no mosquito bites & rdquo; healthy and comfortable sleep escort!





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