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Juyuan culture

Corporate Values:Quality is the dignity


Business philosophy


To innovation as the main body

Strengthen technical, marketing, innovation and services

Create differentiation from the competition

To brand management as a strategic core


Technological innovation, the pursuit of differentiation

Marketing innovation, the pursuit of a service

Service innovation, the pursuit of brand


Professional focus

Innovation and Development



idea:Build a giant former 360 service system

spirit:Let end-customer satisfaction throughout the huge value of the original product marketing in every aspect

Locate:Screen door screens the best marketing support services business


Brand Concept:

idea:Good screens is our Business Conduct

Well screens are our job process requirements

   Well screens are the results of our customer experience

personality:In beautiful and practical basis

To high-tech pride

360 degree service-oriented

Attributes:Giant original = quality + competitive prices + excellent service

style:Overall style: to highlight the original giant screens and family harmony, nature

Design philosophy: through practical, stylish, simple, luxury and other popular elements of international standards gives sensory experience

Value: 103 patent creation of high-quality brand

100 different periods award certificate to prove the integrity of business


Management Culture:

A foundation:To do work-based investment

Two to improve:All members improve marketing center marketing force

Improve the terminal sales force of agents across the country

Three Ones:Daily will

Training every Monday

Monthly commentary

Four of:Management mechanism of

Work quantization

Team Learning

Conduct standardization

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Guangdong Juyuan Screen Window
Perfect intentions achievement, professional cast brand
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