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Guangdong Juyuan Screen Window Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000, is a set of system screens innovative research and development, production, sales and service in one of the international modern screens, screen doors, windows, sun room custom enterprise, with more than 50,000 square meters of professional production base screens, It is the industry's few registered capital of 10 million of screens companies. Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong province, with the international advanced production equipment and modern assembly line factory, has bred "Juyuan" "Senpusi" two major brands, more than 500 stores nationwide, the products are exported to more than 30 Southeast Asia, Europe and America Country and region.
Focus on classic, Chi-made excellence. Juyuan Screen introduction of leading international production system, set up a strong technology R & D team, continuous improvement and innovation, to build a strong core competitiveness, we have developed a stealth, trip up and down, sliding, casement, folding, protective screen door screens and other product design, product set mosquito, protection, anti-theft, anti-pet, rust, UV and other functions into one, creating their own 100 patents, which screens the lock, buffer, wind and theft have received national design patent , called the technology industry benchmark, it has been imitated, never surpassed.
Since its inception, uphold the integrity of establishing enterprises, expanding the market with quality and reputation, has won the praise of agents, engineering customers and users at home and abroad, through ISO: 9001 quality management system certification, has won the "China Building Decoration Association "" Guangdong Enterprises Association member units "," good faith demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province "," Guangdong Province, private technology enterprises, "" Top Ten brand screens "and many other honors, and met with top brands overall custom home" Opie " , well-known real estate brand Vanke, Poly, Country Garden, Hengda a strategic partnership.
Over the years, the Juyuan Screen has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid development. Looking to the future, Juyuan have been committed to developing original screens to become the first brand in the industry, with modern corporate philosophy oriented, more families continue to provide quality and taste enjoyment; with "Juyuan", "Senpusi" brand were carrying quality and comfort, high-end aspirations to market superior art of living; "efficient, pragmatic, perfect, beyond" the team concept, high-quality products and good service to establish a modern system of humanities and arts at home, lead the new fashion home fashion, and establish a new life gratitude.
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