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We have the ability to have a stage
People are our most valuable asset. We strive to provide challenging work for employees, relaxed and healthy working environment, the system of professional training, superior considerable salary benefits. Giant original online talent pool, giant welcome anyone interested to join the original work of excellence, we will be based on demand and quickly to meet the needs of excellence feedback.
Giant original - look forward to joining you!
All positions will be offered treatment favorably, the company provides accommodation, dorms have air conditioning, water heaters.
Resume delivery mail: 5832440@qq.com
Company Address: Foshan City, the town water officials Road, Nanhai District, Xie Village on the 1st
Tel: 0757-66827199 Mr. Jiang: 18312060200
Getting There: Take 244 Xintiandi Plaza, where 10 bus three stops to Funan stop after 20 meters that is.
The free service hotline:400-156-8899
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Guangdong Juyuan Screen Window
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